Experience the synergy of minds at work, as our experts navigate the intersection of cutting-edge technology and human ingenuity. Witness the dynamic exchange of ideas, the energy of collaboration, and the dedication that fuels our groundbreaking solutions. Through candid glimpses of our environment and interactions, this video unveils the essence of Synergeon – where innovation thrives and real people forge the future

Our Mission

At Synergeon, we’re driven by a mission to advance Life Science Tech and enhance Human-Machine interaction. Through dynamic Application and Fundamental Research, we push boundaries, ensuring our efforts enrich lives. We’re also skilled at Content Creation, weaving narratives that showcase progress. Our mission is a symphony of collaboration, exploration, and transformation, shaping a future where life and technology unite for humanity’s betterment.

Our Vision

At Synergeon, we pioneer a dynamic frontier in Science Tech for Life, blending the intricate dance of scientific exploration and technological advancement. This synergy merges life sciences and cutting-edge technologies, propelling human potential beyond limits. Our mission decodes life’s mysteries, leveraging innovation for healthcare, well-being, and understanding. This marries science’s precision with technology’s boundless possibilities, unlocking humanity’s aspirations.

Our background

Three decades ago, Karim Amor established Jet Group on the pillars of “Just entirely tailored for you” and “Share to grow,” embodying personalized service and collaborative expansion. Now, Synergeon, an innovation holding under Jet, introduces a third pillar, “Life Technologies,” catalyzing new businesses and activities. As Synergeon pioneers transformative innovation, it amplifies the promise of tailored solutions while sharing its technological insights, propelling Jet  Group toward new horizons of success.

Our team of Associates

Introducing the Heartbeat of SYNERGEON: Meet our Cross-functional Team of Innovators and Creators.

Karim                AMOR

CEO – JET Group / Synergeon

Yassine        AMOR

Head of content management

Lina                    AMOR

Head of functional nutrition

Abdeslam JAKJOUD

Head of Cross Research

Hicham          JAKJOUD

Head of Physics

Fatima Zahra  JAKJOUD

Head of Computer Vision

Nawfal        AZAMI

Head of Quantum Solutions

Imane                BELLA

Product Owner

Mouad              JOUAHRI

Head of Robotics

Our synergetic solutions

Each solution supports the other one (DeepTech/Education/Marketing)