AI & Robotics

Human-AI symbiosis

Human-AI symbiosis seamlessly integrates human and artificial intelligence, leveraging their combined strengths for tasks beyond their individual capacities. This involves enhancing human capabilities with AI and vice versa.

Fundamental AI

Fundamental AI comprises core theories, principles, and techniques that form the bedrock of artificial intelligence. This encompasses machine learning algorithms, neural networks, problem-solving methods, and cognitive models central to AI research and development.

Generative AI

Generative AI crafts AI models to produce fresh, unique content spanning text, images, videos, music, and beyond. Models like GANs and VAEs create imaginative, lifelike outputs, showcasing creativity and realism.

loT / Sensors

This area focuses on creating algorithms and hardware using quantum mechanics to compute. Quantum algorithms can solve complex problems more efficiently, and quantum hardware aims to build and control qubits, the core of quantum information.