Biophysics & Biotech


This field applies biology and technology to enhance healthcare, agriculture, and industries, including genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, bioprocessing, and bioinformatics


Biophysics merges physics and biology to explore and explain biological processes. It delves into the physical aspects of phenomena like protein folding, molecular interactions, and cellular mechanics, unraveling the underlying mechanisms of life.


This vertical examines the intricate interplay between an individual’s genetic makeup and their response to different nutrients in the diet. This field explores how specific genetic variations can influence how our bodies metabolize, absorb, and interact with nutrients from the foods we consume. By understanding these genetic factors, nutrigenetics aims to tailor personalized dietary recommendations that optimize health.


This vertical investigates how our genes interact with the nutrients we consume. It examines how specific nutrients can affect the expression of genes, potentially influencing our health and susceptibility to certain diseases. By understanding these interactions, nutrigenomics seeks to develop personalized dietary strategies that align with an individual’s genetic profile, ultimately promoting better health outcomes.