Introducing Synergeon CollaboraTech: Through an exclusive co-incubation model, we offer visionary ventures a unique fusion of mentorship and Lean Methodologies, propelling them towards innovation-driven success.


Collaborative Ventures Nurturing Innovation. Here are some of our dynamic co-incubators, where innovation thrives through powerful partnerships.

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We're exclusive to
Corporate organizations.

Our innovation incubator is uniquely designed to nurture new paradigms within established entities. We tackle the formidable challenges highlighted in “The Innovator’s Dilemma” head-on.

Our approach revolves around harmonizing innovation with existing structures, creating an environment that fosters experimentation, collaboration, and a willingness to take calculated risks.

This distinctive environment empowers organizations to navigate disruption with confidence, enabling them to wholeheartedly embrace transformative change.

OUR methodologies
into perspective

We foster innovation and provide comprehensive technical support, integrating Lean methodologies for startups to navigate the technical landscape confidently and achieve market leadership.

We foster innovation and offer full technical support, integrating Lean methodologies to help our associate partners innovate, scale, and lead in the market.

We nurture innovation and offer complete technical support, incorporating Lean methodologies to assist our ventures in innovating, scaling, and thriving in the market.

our Methodologies

At Synergeon’s Startup Incubator, we embrace a spectrum of powerful methodologies to propel your startup towards success:


We guide you through validating hypotheses using Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), iterating through build-measure-learn loops, and tracking actionable metrics to shape your journey of innovation.

Lean Canvas


Our human-centric approach revolves around empathy, rapid prototyping, and rigorous testing with end users. This ensures your solutions are not just innovative, but genuinely resonate with the people they’re intended for.

Persona – Value Proposition

Lean UX

Enhance user experience by applying Lean principles to UX design. Through rapid prototyping and testing, we ensure that your product is not only functional but also optimized for user satisfaction.

Customer Journey Map


Agile methodologies such as Scrum enable us to collaborate effectively, adapt to changes, and deliver quality results through incremental development.



Our Kanban methodology promotes visualizing workflows, enhancing efficiency and process transparency.

Kanban Boards


We navigate the vital concept of aligning products with market needs, ensuring resonance and success

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